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Firmware Developer

Are you ready to tackle some of the technology’s greatest challenges?

We are recruiting a Firmware Developer.

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A day as a Firmware Developer:

  • Development of firmware, micro-controllers and integration (implementation) with backend system;
  • Implementation of message synchronization algorithms for verification of equipment status (brokers and gateways), e-mail warnings or other notification system in case of failure of service or communication detected.


Our Promise

  • Work in a casual but exciting and motivational atmosphere;
  • Integration into R&D from an Engineering perspective and the opportunity of developing skills related to technology transfer;
  • Remuneration compatible with experience;
  • Social benefits such as Health Insurance;
  • Full support to disseminate results of the work, including patenting and technology transfer;
  • Stability in a growing company.

Your out-of-the-box skills

  • Degree in Computer Engineering / Electronics or similar;
  • Proven experience developing firmware and micro-controllers;
  • Hands on experience with C and/or Python;
  • Vast knowledge on JSON, MQTT e Bluetooth 5;
  • Vast knowledge on software version control: Git;
  • Vast knowledge in SQL Database;
  • Hands on experience with NUC boards or similar.
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Proactive attitude and adaptability;
  • Ease of interpersonal relationship.